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Obsessed with high performance. Focused on personal growth and development.

Celebrate the Wins. Share the Vision. Peer Accountability. Personal Responsibility.  I am Touchstone.

It is our pledge. It is our culture. It is the voice behind our personality. We are many in strength and number, but in spirit and vision, we are one. Our culture is built around our people. Without them we have no substance; no depth. Our pledge was drafted by the people and is carried out by the same. It is founded in personal accountability, mutual respect, and sincere unity of mind. All of the aforementioned traits of Touchstone — our tone of voice, our personality, our vision — are all born from the DNA of our culture. It is ingrained into our work, into our systems & processes, and into the very merchandise collections that we build.

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"Businesses Don't Grow,
People Do."

Our people are truly our most valuable resource and our goal is to see each of them become the best version of themselves possible. In everything we do, we challenge each other to be better today than we were yesterday — always striving for progress, not perfection.



Every year, we set aside an entire week to celebrate the previous year and set a vision and focus for what’s next.

Our annual summit is widely recognized as everyone’s favorite week of the year. From top performers celebrating with spa days and golf outings, to company-wide private concerts and interactive art installations — we work hard, but we celebrate hard too. We bring in top level keynote speakers and motivators, disruptive authors and influencers, to keep our team challenged and charged up for the upcoming year.  The highlight of the week though is getting to recognize exceptional leaders and outstanding role players at our awards banquet. This is where epic stories are born and cherished memories are made.

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“What happens if you invest in your people and they leave?”

“What happens if we don’t and they stay?”

Camp Touchstone

When you’re looking to recharge, reconnect, and reflect on a job well done, nothing fits the bill like a day at the lake.

Down the winding roads of Ninevah, IN, perched over the peaceful inlets of Sweetwater Lake, lies a cozy refuge where Touchstone team members go for some fun in the sun. Whether that means a slow cruise around the lake with a cold drink, getting tossed off a tube at high speeds, or maybe just floating off the docks with friends, this is where you want to be! While the official annual Camp Touchstone date is a company-wide invitation, frequently smaller department groups will retreat to the lake for team building and focused workshop sessions away from distraction. After all, taking time to “sharpen the saw” can be the best way to slow down in order to speed up.

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Giving Back

Developing servant leaders is our passion.

We are highly invested in the growth of our people. We have partnered with like-minded companies through a nonprofit organization called trueU, whose foundation is grounded in these core pillars: GROW, CONNECT, SERVE. As a member, we have opened up opportunities for all of our employees to grow through online courses, in-person classes, and book resources in areas such as personal finance, time management, servant leadership, and health and wellness, among other areas.

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Our  LIFE board is a 4-year development plan, with a mapped out path for growth in service and leadership

(scroll through some of our other service projects below)

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We build aspirational lifestyle merchandise collections for some of the biggest brands in the world, but we take the same level of care and aspiration into our collection! Come in today and shop the latest Touchstone gear inside our own Design Studio or shop online at and experience what a web store solution could look like for your brand.


Create. Inspire. Repeat.

Still looking for even more culture overload?

Check out our biweekly podcast with Susan Gifford (our Culture and Development Director) for some high energy fun and some in-depth interviews with other disruptive, game-changing brands and their fearless leaders.


If you’ve got a pulse, you probably want to work here by now.

We don’t blame you. We built this place to be a magnet for disruptors and creative thinkers.

With a constant focus on Design, Innovation and Engagement, we are one of the fastest growing and most forward-thinking companies in the branded merchandise industry. We are fanatic brand soldiers and game-changers...and we’re looking for people that genuinely want to love what they do and who they work with. If that’s you, check out the current openings we have at the site below.