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Private Label
Character Development



Plush character creation and personality development

Herschend Family Entertainment manages multiple theme park properties including Wild Adventure Park in Georgia and Newport Aquarium in Kentucky. We had the privilege of developing a series of adorable plush characters for both parks.

Wild Adventure Park

170 Acres of Rides, Slides and Exotic Animals
Wild Adventures in Valdosta, GA is a Theme Park, Waterpark and Animal Park - all in one! Soar higher, roar louder, get your feet wet and take a break from your daily routine. Give your family a much-needed Georgia vacation at Wild Adventures, one of the most affordable theme parks in the U.S.

From Sketches to Product

We spent hours sketching concepts for each animal to bring them to life and have
that plushy, soft, and loving feeling that everyone wants from their stuffed animal.

Newport Aquarium

Discover The Wonder. Together.
Encounter thrilling adventures like the first-in-the-world Shark Bridge, where you can cross inches above a tank full of sharks on a rope bridge. Plus, experience the NEW exhibit Shipwreck: Realm of the Eels and explore a long ago-sunken ship and the creatures that call this accidental reef home. All while spending quality time together and creating lasting memories.